Technologies & Expertise

Internet of Things & Building Controls

Having defined and developed an IoT building controls platform ‘from scratch,’ I can provide expertise in controls, wireless communications, software, hardware, marketing, deployment and sales.

Solar Photovoltaic

After 11 years at NREL, I am an expert in the science, economics and deployment of photovoltaic power. I understand how the technology works, how it is most efficiently used, and how intermittent solar power can contribute to a modern electric grid and its economic case.

Electric Power

I bring a deep understanding of the electric power industry. With NREL, we focused on how renewable energy would most quickly decarbonize the grid, including understanding the challenges of intermittent energy sources. I have also worked with a number of utilities with  their Demand Response programs.

LED Lighting

Extensive experience in the optics and control of LED lighting. Especially familiar with commercial and retrofit applications.

Materials Science

I can help with all aspects of materials growth and analysis. I have extensive experience with thin film growth, including epitaxy, sputtering, pulsed laser deposition and chemical vapor deposition. I can help with the full suite of analysis techniques including ellipsometry, spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, and microscopy interpretation. My past research includes many innovations in semiconductors and transparent conductors.

Data Analysis & Visualization

I am experienced with complex data analysis and data science. As a scientist, I analyzed complex data sets, gleaning new insights through regressions and visualization. For IoT applications, I excel at creating elegant presentations that tell data’s story in an accessible way.

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